Sunday, July 17, 2011

Listia, eBay ...

A couple of months ago I stumbled upon an online auction site called Listia, a place where you do not need money to get good items (these may be new, semi new or used). In some auctions you may have to pay for shipping, but still can find great bargains!

The first 2 items won have arrived! they cost me 408 credits (one pays with credits on this site) and paid $9.50 in shipping for both items!

Now this two items (a Ruehl No.925 handbag and marc jacobs shorts) are up for auction on eBay and I am now more than doubling the money I paid for shipping. I am loving Listia and eBay at the moment!

Give it a try and you will find it fun and make extra cash with the free stuff you get on Listia!


  1. Will have to check this out man, thanks!

  2. this sounds to good to be true. ill check it out.

  3. My eBay auctions just finished yesterday and I made $42.50 out of those two items I got on Listia!

  4. Didnt see this entry before, i will check listia. Who doesnt love free (or almost free) stuff? hahahaha